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Exploring Faraday's law

Exploring Faraday's law


Experimental studies of the Faraday's law of induction.

Michael Faraday, born in 1791, is considered one of the greatest English experimental scientists. He had an enormous practical and intuitive ability in physics. In 1832 he discovered that the electricity could be produced by using magnets and magnetic field. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction.

The Faraday's law of induction is examined by observations of the electromotive force (emf) induced in the coil by the oscillating bar magnet. The time dependence of the magnetic flux density due to the moving magnet and time dependence of the emf induced in the coil are studied. Exploration of the emf dependence on the time rate of change of the magnetic field flux penetrating the coil is used for examining the Faraday's law.

[  Theoretical model  |  Apparatus setup  |  Data acquisition  |   Data sample  |  Data analysis (TI83)  |  Data analysis (MSExcel)  |  PDF version of the module  |  Evaluation form  |  Back to Experiments  ]

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