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Experiments for physics of traffic

Measurement of sonic speed in air and metall


The determination of sonic speed is an experiment, which is found in nearly all schoolbooks of secondary degree 1. Mainly the effort for chronometry is problematic. The experiment is performed classical with two microphones, which receive the sound signals at different point in time by positioning. Sonic speed can be calculated by the distance of microphones and difference of running time. In this experiment initiation of sound and the arrival at the micro is recorded by CBL2. Sonic speed can be determined by distance and runtime. In contrast to experiments with two microphones this set-up can also be used for determining sonic speed of metals.


diverse rods / tripods, specially a long iron rod(>90cm)
4,5 volt block battery 
cable and alligator clips
CBL–voltmeter (supplied clips)
alternative: TI83plus; TI84plus; TI92+; TI89; TI Voyage 200

[  Apparatus setup  |   Data acquisition   |  Data analysis (TI 84plus/TI89)  |  PDF-Version of the module | Back to experiments  ]

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