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Half life of Protaktinium

Half life of Protaktinium



In this experiment our objective is to investigate the decay of one of the isotopes of Protactinium, m234-Pa. A GM-tube, the Vernier Radiation Monitor, is connected to a CBL or a LabPro. Collected data will be stored in a graphing calculator and can be analysed either with the calculator or a computer.

Lise Meitner (1878-1968), the daughter of a successful and prosperous Vienna lawyer. Her parents placed great value on education, and she was educated privately, by personal tutor. It was during her youth that she discovered her talent and interest in mathematics and physics. She entered the University of Wiena in 1901, studying her two passions: mathematics and physics (under Ludwig Boltzmann). She graduated with her doctorate in 1906, having written her thesis on the conduction of heat in inhomogenous solids. Then she went to Berlin in 1907 to study with Max Planck and the chemist Otto Hahn. She worked together with Hahn for 30 years, each of them leading a section in Berlin's Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry. Hahn and Meitner collaborated closely studying radioactivity, with her knowledge of physics and his knowledge of chemistry working in tandem. In 1918, they discovered the element protactinium. In 1923, she discovered the radiationless transition known as the Auger effect, which is named for Pierre Auger, a French scientist who discovered the effect two years later. Element 109 is named meitnerium in her honor.


Vernier Radiation Monitor, Protactinium Generator, CBL2 or LabPro and TI-83

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