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Jumping on a scale

Jumping on a scale


In this experiment our objective is to study the forces acting on a scale when a person jumps on it. The scale is a force probe connected to a CBL or a LabPro. Collected data will be stored in a graphing calculator and can be analysed either with the calculator or a computer, using previously collected data.

Archimedes of Syracuse - born 287 BC in Siracuse (Sicily). He is considered by most historians of mathematics as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He perfected a methods of integration which allowed him to find areas, volumes and surface areas of many bodies In mechanics Archimedes discovered fundamental theorems concerning the centre of gravity of plane figures and solids. His most famous theorem gives the weight of a body immersed in a liquid, called Archimedes' principle. He achieved fame by his mechanical inventions, many of his machines were used as engines of war. 


Vernier Force Plate, CBL or LabPro and TI-83

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