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Absorption of light by set of transparent plates


To examine the attenuation of the visible light by the set of transparent plates.

Lambert, Johann Heinrich , 172877, German-French philosopher and scientist. He developed many basic concepts in mathematics and physics. Lambert's most important works were one on optics. He achieved valuable results in work on the measurement of the intensity of light, heat, and humidity. His findings, together with those of August Beer make up the Beer- Lambert law of absorption. Lambert's most important physics books are Photometria (1760) and Pyrometrie (1779).

To measure the intensity of the transmitted light vs. thickness and number of absorbing glass plates. The collected data are analysed in terms of the exponential Beer- Lambert law of absorption. The effective absorption coefficient of the transparent material is evaluated.

[ Theory  |  Apparatus setup  |  Data acquisition  |   Data sample  |  Data analysis (TI83)  |  Data analysis (MSExcel)  |  PDF version of the module  |  Evaluation form  |  Back to Experiments  ]

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