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Directional properties of light sources


To examine the spatial distribution of the radiation emitted by the real light sources.

ROBERT WILHELM BUNSEN (1811-1899) German chemists and physicist born in Göttingen. Bunsen studied chemistry at Göttingen where he later became a lecturer and started his experimental studies in organic chemistry. In 1859 engaged himself together with Gustav Kirchhoff in spectroscopic studies. They developed a concept of the high temperature nonluminous flame burner known as "Bunsen's burner", widely used in studies of emissive spectra. The invented yet another vital instrument of spectroscopic analysis: the Bunsen-Kirchhoff spectroscope.

The angular dependence of the radiant flux of the household incandescent light bulb is explored using simple goniometer. The angular distribution is presented using rectangular and polar coordinates.

[ Theory  |  Apparatus setup  |  Data acquisition  |   Data sample  |  Data analysis (TI83)  |  Data analysis (MSExcel)  |  PDF version of the module  |  Evaluation form  |  Back to Experiments  ]

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